Frosty Fire
{ nothing scares me more than the thought of losing you }
Hey, Jack Frost here, ready to answer anything you guys are curious about over my relationship with a certain unruly princess. And trust me, it's a crazy one. That girl is certaintly a handful, even to the guardian of fun. But, I like it rough.

Awrite a' fowk, it's princess Merida! be sure tae ask anythin' ye main loch abit jack an' Ah bein' together. Ah ken, Ah can hardly believe it either. tay bad, Ah cannae kill heem again, fur he certainly has a knack in makin' mah day. In th' end, Ah still loove heem...somehaw.

[Translation: Hello everyone, it's princess Merida! Be sure to ask anything you may like about Jack and I being together. I know, I can hardly believe it either. Too bad, I can't kill him again, for he certainly has a knack in making my day. In the end, I still love him...somehow.]

[Independent JackFrostxMerida Ask Blog.]

Merida: Of course he’s met them! My brother’s too!

Merida: He’s been really happy ever since the meeting. Even plays with the boys and entertains my parents. It’s like he’s part of a big family again.

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